Special Interest Groups sponsored by The APC Group.

Life Enhancement Activity Resource Network. L.E.A.R.N.™

L.E.A.R.N : Provides access to coaching, workshops, activities and resources for the growth and enhancement of every area of your life.
L.E.A.R.N : Provides access to products and services designed to maximize your joy, productivity, effectiveness and success.

Members Receive:

Coaching in all areas of life, career and business.

Career / Business - Educational - Family / Relationships - Financial - Health
Pleasure / Fun / Adventure - Public Service - Spiritual - Personal Growth / Development

Special Access to:
Life enhancing products and services.
Extended network of mentors, educators, coaches and friends.
Activities and events for personal development, fun and adventure.

Workshops / Seminars / Events
Voice Conference Calls with Coaches and Experts
Information and Education Products



Experienced Coaches Group

A lively, dedicated group of Coaches who come together for relaxed informal monthly gatherings where we share our challenges in a safe and supportive environment. . We will honor you where you're at. Consider this space a judgment-free-zone.

The Experienced Coaches Group is for Coaches who are ready, willing and able to:

• Make the effort to grow their coaching business.
• Help other coaches.
• Set aside pre-conceived ideas of how things "should" work.
• Better serve their clients.

The Experienced Coaches Group is dedicated to supporting each other in:

• Keeping the passion for coaching alive in us.
• Sharing coaching tools, resources, experiences and processes.
• Providing support in areas of need.
• Marketing ideas, alliances, and materials.
• Building a client base.

Contact: Al Horne MBA Ph.D. ( AdvancedPerformanceCoaching@hotmail.com 858.272.4583 )

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